Question: Can dogs and cats understand each other

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  1. @baileymymie8: It depends on the experience of the individual animals. I would say yes, but it might take a bit of trial and error learning for them to work it out. If they’ve grown up around the other species from a young age, then it shouldn’t be too hard for them to have learned how to understand each other.

    My dogs and cat certainly interact and react to each other’s body language in a way that suggests they have understanding of each other. This is a fairly new area for scientific investigation. It’s called interspecific (between species) interaction research.



  1. i have a puppy and kitten my puppy normally justs barks at cat


  2. @bbmm8: Maybe the puppy is trying to get the cat to play with it? Dogs sometimes bark at each other to start a play session. Perhaps the puppy is still working out what exactly the kitten is? I’m sure they’ll sort themselves out 🙂