Question: can u tickle your self and how


  1. I am very ticklish, but I cannot tickle myself. I don’t know why that is — probably because I am expecting it, then my body somehow knows not to react like I’m being tickled. It’s very weird.



  1. @kido @Kyler – hope you don’t mind me popping into this question… but I know the answer to this one! Kyler’s completely right – when you try to tickle yourself, your brain is able to prepare your body for the sensation and so – it’s not ticklish! Tickling requires an element of surprise to work.



  2. Not necessarily surprise. I used to be VERY ticklish, and is was worst if I knew it was coming! But I learnt that if you do not let yourself tense up, you don’t have to react. And of course you trust yourself completely, so no need to tense up.