Question: do you think that in the future we will have the technology to travel to distant parts of the universe

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  1. @gannaz: The universe is a mighty, mighty big place. I’m sure @Kyler and @Peter will know more about the specifics of this, but I reckon if we can just travel to the neighbouring parts of the universe, it would be a pretty huge accomplishment!

    You might find this question we answered earlier in IAS interesting too:


  2. This all depends on how distant you mean. We can already travel to parts of the universe that aren’t very far away. We can send spaceships to Mars and satelites around and around other planets.

    Voyager 1 and 2 are both satelites launched in 1977 to study the planets. They have recently left the solar system and are speeding away from earth. They are currently 18700000000 kms away from our sun.

    But I guess the question is will we ever have the technology to travel ourselves and I think the answer is yes! 🙂 We have some big problems to overcome like the massive distances to cover. The last mission to Mars took the Curiosity Rover over 8 months to fly there. If we ever want to fly further than that, we need to learn how to live a lot longer or fly a great deal faster than we already can.


  3. I imagine well be able to travel more quickly to different parts of the universe, but it’s so huge even then we wouldn’t have gone very far into space.