Question: Have you ever been travelling over-seas? Where was the most exciting place you went to and why?


  1. @paperduck98: I love travelling!

    I spent a year travelling after finishing university when I was 21. I travelled to: England, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, India and Nepal. Since that big trip, I’ve also been to Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Tonga, Spain, Austria and Canada. And lots of different places all around Australia too!

    I’ve had lots of exciting experiences travelling. Swimming with whales and hearing them sing while diving in Tonga was AMAZING. Seeing a wolf (well, more like seeing 27 wolves) at the Wolf Science Centre in Austria was pretty special. I loved hiking in the Himalaya mountains in Nepal. I think my favourite place so far (and I’ve been there twice now) is around the Bohinj and Bled areas in Slovenia. It is beautiful land with amazing lakes and gorges and stunning mountains and castles – like a fairy tale! It was exciting because I went parachuting there!



  2. I’ve travelled overseas mostly for work, to attend conferences and meet other scientist. I’ve been to Germany and USA and I liked both places because they were different to what I was used to and I got to see interesting things and meet different people.


  3. I have traveled all over the US, and I’ve been to Mexico, as well as Chile, Brazil and Argentina in South America. I’ve also visited Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, and the UK in Europe. And I lived in Russia for a few months!
    Of all those places, I really like Russia (amazing and friendly people!), Chile (I spent a month doing stargazing every night!), and Italy (beautiful cities and fascinating history!). But since I came from the States, I would say that Australia is one of the most exciting places I’ve traveled to “over-seas”! Sydney has been a really fun place to explore with my family over the last six months.


  4. Yes. My very first overseas trip was to the Netherlands, where I and my family lived for about 18 months. And the best part was that my work payed for it all. That was quite exciting and very challenging; it is a little bit scary to be in a country when you cannot speak their language (by the end of it I had learnt about 100 words – my favourite word was gebruiksaanwijzing pronounced with sounds we do not use in English).
    Since then I have traveled overseas several times for work, and a few times on holidays, including canal-boat trips in England and two visits to Ireland.
    My wife has just come back from another visit to Ireland; I did not go because I don’t really like long plane trips.


  5. Like @peter, my very 1st trip overseas was also to the Netherlands and I lived there for 3 years but I was so young I cant remember any of it.

    I’ve spent time in The UK, Europe, parts of Asia and a long time travelling around our own country. I enjoyed everywhere I went because they all had beautiful parts to them. But if I had to choose 1 place that was the best, I’d have to say Finland. When I was first there it was the middle of winter and if any country understands winter its Finland. For the 1st 6 weeks all I saw was snow. It was so cold even my breath turned into tiny glissening crystals I could see in the steet lights. When the snow finally melted the country changed into a wonderful green natural wonderland (with millions of mosquitos).

    Since I was a baby, I’ve again spent a year living in the Netherlands and learning the language. I found it a country full of fun people here.