Question: is being gay/lesbian something that has gone wrong with the brain at birth or is it a choice


  1. @gannaz: There is scientific evidence that supports a biological basis (including genetic and environmental factor components) to homosexuality.

    It is not something that has gone ‘wrong’, nor is it a choice. It’s like eye colour or your height. Just something that is. Social expectations have previously put pressure on homosexual people to conform with community expectations that might have been anti-gay in the past, but thankfully we’re now in a time of understanding and tolerance for diversity.

    I have relatives and friends who are gay/lesbian. They’re awesome! 🙂


  2. Wow, you don’t ask easy questions, do you? How people act in response to impulses from their brain is certainly their choice, but from what I know of brain science, “being gay” is just as hard-wired in the brain (from both nature and upbringing) as “being straight” is.
    I’m also not comfortable saying that it is something that has “gone wrong” with the brain. In most cases it is just is part of what the brain is, and if there is any right or wrong to it, it is in how each person acts, not in the way their brain is made.


  3. I am also in the “you are born with it” although there is some evidence that suggests that hormone levels in the the mother during pregnancy may have some effect in “programming” the infant brain with a sexual preference. The other thing to remember is that it is not an on/off switch. Most of us are somewhere in a spectrum from firmly hetero to firmly homo.


  4. The idea that something is ‘wrong’ is something that just cant be said. If you need to make a difference at all then you might be able to suggest that there is a lower amount of people’s brains who are wired in a gay or lesbian way. Certainly doesn’t mean that its wrong or can be changed.

    There are some religious organisations that do believe that being gay is a choice and offer to help people change their mind. It obviously can never work without the person lying to themselves and can often lead to a lot of emotional harm to the person.



  1. Thx @miacobb and @kylerkuehn