Question: is it possible that gods are real

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  1. This question will depend on who you ask and how you ask the question.

    Scientists would tell you that there is no evidence for a god. However, some religions like Hindu apply meaning to real things as symbols for god, like the sacred cow.

    I dont believe that its possible for gods to be real, but the special thing about my answer is that I said ‘believe’. Because I have no evidence, and no one else can provide evidence, god is a think that you can believe in. Something that can live in your mind if you want it to be there.


  2. @bates: Mick’s answer is a good one. This isn’t really a science question, but as scientists, we tend to look for evidence to back up our opinions.

    It’s very hard to prove that something doesn’t exist.

    I believe in dog 😉


  3. I do believe in God, but also totally agree with Mick’s answer.



  1. oh thanks we were working on norse gods