Question: What is the hardest chemical to make make and how do you make it and what do you need to make it?

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  1. Thats a very specific question @abc123.

    I will say that the hardest chemical to make is diamond! Yup, its not just a nice looking rock that you see on jewelery, but its a chemical, a very hard chemical and one thats very hard to make.

    Diamond is almost exactly the same a charcoal, or graphite. They’re all made up from carbon atoms. The thing that makes them different is the shapes the atoms make when they’re connected. Normally diamond is made deep underground but they can also be made in a lab!

    These (synthetic) diamonds dont need many ingredients, just pure carbon. Its the recepie thats difficult.There are many recepies available, but most of them need very high temperatures (over 1400 degrees) and crushing pressures, like a million elephants sitting on you!

    So not only is it one of the hardest chemicals, but its also one of the hardest to make



  1. thanks 🙂