Question: Why do plants need water but not food?

  1. @baileymymie8: Plants do need food – they get their most of their 17 essential nutrients in soluble form via the soil and water though. They also (mostly) need light, carbon and oxygen (which luckily they make through the process of photosynthesis where they take in carbon dioxide and return oxygen – plant a tree!).

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  2. If plants grow in the area where they are native to, they probably dont need much more food that what the soil gives them. However, people like plants from other countries and climates, so it’s normal to have to buy special foods that make the plant think they’re in their homeland.

    Some plants like the ‘venus flytrap’ need to catch their food just like animals do. This group of plants called ‘carnivorous’ plants catch all sorts of insects which when they die breakdown to feed the plant.

    Vegetables are another example of plants that need lots of food. People who grow their own vegies know that they always have to keep the soil rich and provide liquid food to keep them growing.


  3. Basically, plants can make their own food – apart from what they get from the soil and air. And just as well – we need it for our food!