Question: can you change the future

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  1. @kitty123: Hmmm, that depends on whether you think the future is set in concrete or whether a range of futures containing every possibility all lie in front of us and you determine which path to take.

    I think that the future is up to you. That your decisions and actions will lead directly to what happens to you in the future. I am where I am now because of a long chain of decisions and actions that led me here.

    I could decide right now to have toast for breakfast tomorrow, but then I could change my mind and have cereal instead. Would that mean I changed my future? Or was my future always to have cereal? Or were there many futures – one of toast, one of cereal, one of fruit salad, one of me skipping a meal at home and going to a cafe – and all of them are valid options, I just pick one that happens to become my reality (and past)?

    What do you think?


  2. Great question @kitty. Why is everyone asking the really hard questions today?

    Everything you do changes the future. Each decision you make, even is its something simple like which colour socks to wear in the morning, they all change the way the future will happen.

    But if you like the thought that the future is set in concrete you’re just going along for the ride, then I’d say thats that. There’s nothing you can do but enjoy life 🙂


  3. The other guys beat me to it. Guess they’re not doing any work while being part of IAS lol. You make your own destiny so ultimately shape your own future. You can look back and think “gee that didn’t turn out so well” or “wow that was a great decision” when things could’ve gone many different ways, so in some respects you control the future. Of course if it involves other people then it’s harder to influence the future for those events.