Question: have any of you been really injured from one of your experiments?

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  1. @medontknow: Hey there! No, I haven’t ever been injured through my research. I did get some minor injuries when I was working in an animal shelter (feral cats and angry ferrets!) but not in my science work. In fact, I reckon I probably had more injuries from waitressing as a job during uni than since I started work as a scientist!



  2. Hey @medontknow, l’m lucky that I’ve not had any injuries with my experiements. My experiments use a lot of dangerous chemicals and equipment if something went wrong or I had an accident, it could be very dangerous. So to prevent this happening I have to be very careful. I wear safety boots, a lab coat to protect my clothes and skin, I have to wear protective glasses and sometimes facemasks and gloves.


  3. Stabbed a pipette into my thumb and have had solvent splash in my eye. Luckily that’s the extent of it, but OHS has gone ballistic these days and you can’t even look at a chemical or piece of equipment without doing a risk assessment. That means you need to assess all the potential issues and know what protective equipment to use etc. Common sense is in short supply these days so it means lots more paperwork.