Question: How come when you burn yourself it gives you a scar or scab?

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  1. @louiepop: You get a scab as a result of your blood thickening (coagulation) and forming a barrier that dries to allow your cells inside to heal and repair the damage done (from a burn or cut or graze). A scar is the new tissue that gets left behind after the repair process. Sometimes these fade with time, other times if the scar tissue is thicker, they will remain visible and obvious. Sometimes scar tissue is a bit less flexible than normal skin/tissue.

    I have a fairly large scar on my forehead from a car accident when I was four, but most people don’t even notice it unless I point it out because it’s faded a lot.


    Do you have any scars?


  2. Our bodies are amazing in multiple ways, including the way we heal ourselves. The response to a burn is to send lots of proteins and other chemicals to deal with the damage. Then the tissue has to repair itself, and new skin grows. If the burn is minor, then tissue damage is less and might only leave a scab, but if the burn is bad and the damage is deep, then a scar is on the cards.



  1. No