Question: how do animals live with being hunted down?

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  1. @kitty123: Well, if they get hunted and killed, they don’t live. If you mean, how does species survive, even when they are hunted (like deer, or ducks, or feral pigs, etc.) it’s because some animals still manage to breed and live in the wild without being caught. The fastest and fittest animals will survive and pass their genetics (and maybe successful behaviours that allowed to to escape from being hunted) to their offspring.

    There have been examples in history though where hunting has affected too many animals in a population and then the animal goes extinct. An example of this in Australia is the thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger. Other well-known animals currently at risk of extinction due to hunting are rhinoceros and tigers.


  2. There are rhinos in Africa which have their own 24 hour armed guards to stop them being killed or mutilated. They’ll be extinct soon enough with the greedy, selfish and misguided people in this world.