Question: is there correlation between time,space,matter,energy,speed?

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  1. There are principles about space and time, and energy and mass, anbd energy and velocity, but I think one of the guys who are really into physics will do a better job of explaining them that I can.

    All I can say is – correlation does not always equal causation! 🙂


  2. Hey @johnarnoldambay, this question throws me right back into the exam room. 🙂 Now that our resident space guru has gone, I’ll see if I can remember my university.

    There certainly is something that correlates all of the above, and that’s gravity. Gravity forms the central component to the General Theory of Relativity where Einstein said that gravity is a consequence of space and time or spacetime.

    Energy is correlated to mass (matter) and speed through more of Einsteins famous work with his mass-energy equivalence equation E=MC2 (thats a squared). This was a super important equation that comes from The Special Theory of Relativity that helped us understand among other things how something with mass increases in energy as it speeds up, to the limit that something cannot reach the speed of light because it would have too much energy.

    So, how can we correlate the spacetime and mass-energy? The equations the say ‘ha, and there it is’ are a nightmare to understand, for a chemist anyway. But in effect, they have a direct impact on eachother.

    Hope this make sense to you, great question!