Question: Technically, what is the best colour? (There is only one answer)

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  1. You dont ask the easy ones do you @arthur?

    Well, if you’re anything like me then you’d love black… but black isn’t a colour so I get another guess. How about green? I like all shades of green.

    But if you want to speak in technicallities, then white is the perfect ‘colour’, because its not really a colour but all of the colours put together. But for some reason when you smash all your paints together, they go browny black, not white. Why is that?

    How did I go????


  2. @arthur: According to these guys, it’s pink or magenta 😉

    (I love green!)


  3. Infra red?



  1. Its magenta… no two answers…. thought you guys were supposed to be smart