Question: what will happen if the world explodes?


  1. @kitty: I guess it won’t really matter to us much any more. If Earth exploded, we’d (everything on Earth) would be done.

    I imagine that the rest of the universe would — carry on.

    @Kyler might have more details for you 🙂


  2. Wow @kitty, thats a serious question!

    Lets just say it were possible, which I think it isn’t for many reason. I think one of the 1st things to suffer would be our atmosphere. If the world blew up it would probably be something very large that came from space. If it were big enough to blow up earth, it would burn lots of the oxygen in our atmosphere before it even touched the ground. This means that we would all just fall off to sleep before we even noticed something was wrong.

    Perhaps thats just what I hope would happen. 🙂


  3. Adios amigos I’d suggest.