Question: when is the sun going to be bigger than the solar system

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  1. The sun ONLY has about 120 million years left to live before we all get very cold. However, those years are going to be pretty entertaining if humans are still here to watch.

    The sun will grow about 250 times its current size, which doesn’t sound like much but it will probably eat Mercury and Venus and then might just touch Earth, but there wont be anything left before that happens. A few hundred million years before this, Earth will look something like Venus. Hopefully humans will have moved somewhere a little cooler and safer.


  2. This question made me miss Kyler 🙁

    However, because he taught me so much this week, I know he told someone else that as the sun started to run out of fuel, its outer layers would stretch out and get as far as the Earth (not sure it was all the way to the edge of the solar system?) – he said it wouldn’t happen for several billion years though.


  3. Yep Mia’s on the right track based on Kyler’s expert opinion.