Question: Why are there some people who just have sick minds?

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  1. Hey @misseden. Today was a fun chat!

    To me, this question could mean a few things. But what I think you’re asking about mental health issues. There are many many people in the world with mental health disorders. As we get better with science and medicine, we start to learn more about how the brain works. When we learn new things, this can help us understand people who we think are very different to us.

    Many times, the people you think might have a ‘sick mind’ are people whos brain is built in a veeeery slightly different way, or the chemical reactions happening in their brains is slights different. So many people today live with a mental health disorder, that I start to wonder what is normal?

    Buuuut, if this isn’t what you meant, let me know and I’ll try again. 🙂


  2. @misseden: I fed the fish on your blog! Awesome! If you’d like to visit mine, check out:

    Now, in addition to Mick’s response, I thought I’d outline just SOME of the ways that people can end up with mental health issues.

    They can be:
    – born with a physical malformation in their brain
    – born with a mental disorder
    – develop a disease that affects their brain/personality
    – have an acquired brain injury (e.g. car accident)
    – have a substance abuse (e.g. alcoholism) related injury or disorder
    – have sleep disorder that impacts on their personality

    and so on and so forth… there are many ways people’s minds can not be perfect and Mick’s point about ‘what is normal, anyway?’ is a really good one.



  3. I assume you mean sick as in wanting to do nasty things. Some of it could be a mental disorder but other times I wonder if it’s just a lack of self control. Upbringing can certainly impact on what people think is acceptable, so some people have a warped sense of right and wrong. Other times they might think they can just do what they like as long as it makes them feel good, regardless of who it hurts, so that’s a selfish aspect.