Question: Why do we have a layer of membrane stuff around our brain but not our heart ?

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  1. We do have around our heart, it’s called the pericardium.


  2. @louiepop: the brain and the heart are very different organs.

    They have completely different functions and this is reflected in the tissue they are made of. DJ’s right in that both are protected by their own membranes: meninges for the brain and pericardium for the heart.

    The brain is neural tissue. The heart is a hollow muscle.
    Verrrrrrry different stuff.


  3. @louiepop, lots of great questions from you tonight!

    I had a friend that had a hole in his pericardium and he was very sick for a long time. Its strange to

    Sometimes adults drink too much alcohol and the next day they have a headache. One reason for the headache is dehydration and inflamation of the meninges. This membrain around your brain is very important because it stops bad chemicals getting into your brain through your blood… it also stops your brain from falling out your ear 😉 just kidding.



  1. Ok never knew that!!


  2. Haha Mick you cracked me!