Question: Why when we put all the paints together it makes black not white cause white is all the colours put together?

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  1. Hey again @louiepop,

    Didn’t we already talk about favourite colours tonight? If we didn’t then thats funny, I said exactly the same thing as you. I said white is the best colour, because its not really a colour by itself but it has all the colours inside it. But then I wondered why when you mix all the colours you get a brown or black.

    So youre making me answer my own question now??? 🙂

    We say white has all of the colours because you can split white light (from the sun) into all the colours of the rainbow. You can probably try at home with a piece of glass or clear plastic. In this link is a great way to try it in class or at home.

    The difference is that paints are actually chemicals and not different colours of light. Green paint is green because only green light bounces off the paint into your eyes. When you mix them all up all the chemicals can mix and you can never get every colour reflected at the same time.

    Try the experiment with your teacher. Its the same as making your own rainbow.



  1. Ok Mick