Question: will the stars change?

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  1. @kitty123: Yes, the stars ARE changing. What we are seeing is like a history story of stars. Because they are SO FAR away from us, we are seeing what they were doing thousands of years ago (because it’s taken that long for their light to reach us). Some of the stars we can see now might actually be dead already, but we won’t know for hundreds or thousands more years. How interesting is that?!

    I’m SURE @Kyler can give you more details – he’s our Zone Space Man after all! 🙂


  2. @mia’s right, I find all that really hard to imagine. Everytime you look into the night sky you’re looking into the history of those stars. Just before @Kyler has his say, I used to do a little work with telescopes when I was a university student. We would try and understand how new galaxies had formed by taking light that left those stars just after they were born which was billions of years ago.