Question: have you worked with the police dogs in your work and if so was it fun?

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  1. @gannaz: Hello! Yes, in my current role at the Australian Working Dog Alliance ( I get to travel all around Australia and meet with different working dog programs, meet the people (and sometime puppies!) and learn all about how they raise, train and care for their working dogs.

    I visited the NSW Police Dog Squad recently. They had some lovely puppies who were very energetic and excited. They were German shepherd puppies and they were BIG for their age (only 5 weeks old). It was great fun and I am so grateful to groups like the Police being to so open to showing someone through their facility and talking about their programs.

    This year, I’ve also visited the working dogs at Customs, AQIS (biosecurity), Australian Federal Police, Assistance Dogs Australia, Corrective Services (prisons), Guide Dogs, Greyhound racing… lots of lovely dogs doing great work.

    Do you like dogs? 🙂



  1. I luv <3 puppies they are so cute i wish I had one