Question: is it possible to have an elixir of life?


  1. Not that anyone’s trademarked or made scientifically/publicly known (outside of Harry Potter and video games)!

    Seriously – I think it would be very difficult to find something that humans could ingest that would then be able to stop the aging/errors in cell replication process that causes us to age and die.


  2. Can I say exercise again???
    Probably not. Unfortunately (again) I have never come across anything with the promise to perform this role. But I wonder, if I offered you one (which I’m sure I can make you something for the small fee of $400million :)) would you really take it. Wouldn’t you be stuck at your current age for ever??? Seeing all your family and friends pass on? Its a worthwhile thought experiment.

    Sounds too much like one of those sad vampire movies (not the ones with those shiny vampires)