Question: is there any stuff like the panacea or the philosopher's stone?

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  1. If you’re talking about a universal remedy, or cure-all, to heal/restore human health or prolong life indefinitely/gift immortality, then no.

    Not that is publicly known.

    Wikipedia cites an old remedy:
    “The Universal Antidote is a mixture that contains activated charcoal, magnesium oxide, and tannic acid. All three components neutralize the actions of many poisons. It is prepared by mixing “of two parts activated charcoal, one part tannic acid, and one part magnesium oxide intended to be administered to patients who consumed poison. The mixture is ineffective and no longer used; activated charcoal is useful.”

    Would you like to be the person who creates a panacea?


  2. Hey johnarnoldambay,

    The only panacea for humans is moderate exercise. But I guess a true panacea wouldn’t require you do have to do anything would it?

    The Philosopher’s stone, as in the myth of the Middle Ages, doesn’t exist as suggested, unfortunately, because if it did, it would not only make me rich, but also make my work bucket loads easier! The idea that a base metal can be converted into gold or silver has been around for ages.

    Alchemy was the subject area that really dealt with the concept of a philosophers stone. Whats great about Alchemy is that it was really the birthplace of chemistry and pharmacy. The people calling themselves Alchemists were as scientifically minded as you and I, but they had a few basic assumptions that weren’t exactly correct. So, alchemy became chemistry slowly and instead of focusing on making gold, they became fascinated with all these new chemicals and chemical reactions that could make useful things in our life, like soap, cooking oils, clothing dyes, simple medicines and also… dentistry strangely enough.

    So, while a panacea or philosophers stone is something that will always be beyond humans, you should never stop trying to find one. It these efforts that make truely great discoveries.