Question: What ingredients go into ballistics gel

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  1. Apparently, the most commonly used formula is a “10% ballistic gelatin”, which is prepared by dissolving 1 part 250 bloom gelatin into 9 parts of warm water (by mass), mixing the water while pouring in the powdered gelatin. It is chilled to 4 °C. The older NATO formula specifies a 20% solution, chilled to 10 °C, but that solution costs more to prepare as it uses twice the amount of gelatin.


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  2. Well… now you have the recepie 🙂 Something everyone should try at home if you can get it. Whether you use Bloom or Vyse (FBI preference) or just aeroplane jelly, doesn’t really matter. Its all about ratios with water which you’ll have to experiment with. Just dont boil the stuff, it’ll fall apart. 🙂

    Mythbusters have so much fun with it, primarily because it best simulates the reaction of a human body under high stress and impact. They’re always shooting it or blowing up explosives next to it.