Question: What was your fav part of I'm a scientist this year?

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  1. @blue11fudge: All the amazing, interesting, bamboozling and stimulating questions you guys have thrown at us! Without a doubt – it’s been EXCITING for me to share some of my interests and science with you and incredibly FUN to share the intense CHAT and ASK back-and-forths.


    You guys all rock!
    I also really, really, REALLY enjoyed learning from Mick, Peter, DJ and Kyler – their areas of expertise are so different to mine, but they are all excellent at sharing their knowledge and I learnt HEAPS!

    I’m excited, nervous and sad for tomorrow. I’m really going to miss getting to interact with the classes in such a direct way.

    Wonder if they’ll let me sign up again next year?! 😉

    What’s been YOUR favourite bit?


  2. Hi @blue11fudge,

    It’s been great being able to answer all your wonderful questions, its been exciting! The best part for me was that you all reminded me of all the things that I still have to learn. When I was your age, I was always asking questions about things I didn’t understand. I’d just keep asking and asking until it made sense in my head. (It used to annoy people a bit :)) Reminding me of all of those questions and way of thinking (that I’m trying not lose) had been the most rewarding.

    If I’m lucky enough to win today, my money is going towards a school that is helping me with an experiment. We want to know how to keep people asking questions as they grown up. Not everyone will grow up to be a scientist, but the more people that can think like a scientist, the better our world will become.

    So, thank you for helping me with this. I hope you’ve learnt a lot too 😉