Question: Do animals cry?


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    While all animals with tear ducts can produce tears, not all animal cry from sadness or emotion in the way humans do.

    There are three types of tears: basal tears, reflexive tears, and psych tears. Basal tears are produced in order to keep the eye lubricated and smooth out irregularities in the cornea. Reflexive tears are tears that are made in response to irritants to the eye, such as when chopping onions or getting poked in the eye. Psych tears are produced by the lacriminal system and are the tears expelled during emotional states.

    We have evidence that some other animals do grieve. Elephants are known for this and cry when grieving.

    There are many cases of animals exhibiting grief at the death of their owners (without tears). The famous Greyfriars Bobby, a small dog whose owner passed away, kept constant watch over the owners grave until his own death fourteen years later. A statue and fountain were later erected in honour of the faithful terrier.