Question: What is red?


  1. Red is a colour. Opposite violet and next to orange at the end of the visible spectrum of light, the human eye sees red when it looks at light with a wavelength between 620 and 740 nanometers. Light just past this range is called infrared, or below red, and cannot be seen by human eyes, although it can be sensed as heat. Dogs don’t detect red as they lack the structures in their eyes to perceive it. Red is also the traditional colour of warning and danger (think STOP or DANGER).


    I’m curious – why did you ask this question?


  2. @swaggasaurus (good name by the way)

    Red is a special chemical that makes everything go faster 😉 If you painted yourself red you could run faster than everyone else. Try it, then let me know how you went. 🙂

    Red is actually a reflected wavelength of electromagnetic energy that hits your eyeballs which your brain tells you is RED. Simple as that. Freaky thing is, what you say is red, I might say is orange, or even green if I was colourblind if I didn’t know it! Red is just a label you give to a specific wavelength of light, but how we interpret this is unique to everyone. It’s just strange how we all seem to agree on the name without understanding what everybody else sees.