Question: what is the best cheese?


  1. Well that will depend on your individual preferences and taste perception!

    My best cheese may not be your favourite cheese (and that’s OK)… Did you know that taste perception fades with age: On average, people lose half their taste receptors by time they turn 20.

    The taste contributes only part of what we perceive as the sensation and flavour of food in our mouths — other factors include smell, detected by the olfactory epithelium of the nose; texture, detected through a variety of mechanoreceptors, muscle nerves, etc.; temperature, detected by thermoreceptors; and “coolness” (such as of menthol) and “hotness” (pungency).

    Myself, I love a persian fetta 🙂 How about you?


  2. Oh, great question, although its making me hungry.
    I love hard crumbly cheese like Old Gouda, Prima Donna or a good Vintage Cheddar.

    I believe that’s the only correct answer according to me and science 😉