Question: What is the best number in the universe? You have to back it up with an explanation, and 42 isn't good enough....

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  1. Ha!

    I’ll take Avogadro’s number 🙂
    (6.0221415 ± 0.0000010) × 10^23

    It’s the number of constituent particles (usually atoms or molecules) in one mole (a unit of measurement) of a given substance. It came up lots during my university studies and lab practicals, so it’s stuck with me.

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    What’s yours? (and don’t 42 me!)


  2. Well mia’s pretty close (she keeps stealing all my great chemistry responses :O )

    Why isn’t 42 good enough. I guess it comes from a time long ago, even before me.

    My favourite number is 7, because unlike the all the other fictional attempts at finding a number that is the answer to everything, 7 IS the answer to everything. I feel a little offended that you need justification, but for those less trained in the art of 7, here it is:

    Choose any number and add 9 to it.
    Multiply this number by 2.
    Subtract 4.
    Divide the remainder by 2.
    Subtract the number first chosen.

    What the answer going to be???