Question: why do most asians eat jasmine rice?

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  1. @jasminerice: Your profile suggests you might quite like jasmine rice? 🙂

    I did a quick online search and it seems that jasmine rice is most popular in South-east Asia, but not universally across all of Asia. It’s originally from Thailand so grows well in that region, which would probably acocunt for its popularity (you tend to eat/like/use things more when you can get hold of them easily).

    China and India have the highest level of rice (not jasmin rice) consumption, but I was interested to see that Australian rice farms were the most productive in 2010, with a nationwide average of 10.8 tonnes per hectare.

    So, I guess I don’t agree with the basis of your question that jasmine rice is the most eaten rice by people throughout Asia, but in the areas it’s most popular, I reckon it’s because it grows well and easily there.


  2. Is this a legitimate statistic or generalisation?
    My Chinese work mates think I only eat pizza and burgers because I live in a western country. But the strange thing is that facts often get in the was of stereotypes. China now has the highest rate of diabetes in the world, but not many people you’ll speak to will accept that.

    Anyway, your statement may well be correct. If it were, then people from Asian countries are likely to eat more as a result of cheaper seeds, a plant best suited for Asian foodbowl climates (however, ASIA is a large area that covers most possible climates), and lastly habit. I could eat hamburgers all day, but its not a custom in my family, so its less likely to happen.