Question: Which is the most amiable breed of dog that you work with?

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  1. @misseden That’s such a great question! I tend to treat every dog I meet as an individual, and try not to make too many assumptions about it based on it’s breed, because experience has taught me that dogs don’t always behave the way you think they might, just because of their breed. I’ve known a very sweet and friendly pit bull and a very unfriendly labrador!

    In terms of the friendliest type of dog with the best manners, I’d have to say in my experience that the guide dog population have probably been the most consistent so far. I’ve also spent the most time with them – so, I might be biased! The breeding program at the Guide Dog organisation I worked with have been selecting for friendly and easy-going dogs for over 50 years, so they have really worked hard to get their dog ‘type’ consistently amiable. A friend of mine, Tammie, is currently doing her PhD and part of it involved developing a test for amicability – you can read more about her research here:



  1. Thanks! I love dogs… especially the furry soft ones.


  2. Wondering if I can jump in on this private question @misseden. 🙂 This is the type of question many people think about when they’re choosing a dog for a pet.

    @Mia is certainly the most qualified to understand the facts and her answer certainly makes me feel more comfortable. I’ve had all sorts of dogs in my life and I’ve found that some dogs show one level of amiabilility to their owners, as compared to other humans, their other pack dogs and stranger dogs! They’re certainly not simple creatures.

    Do you have a pet dog?


  3. No… a cat. They call me Kitty Eden.. 🙂