Question: is captain america possible?

  1. @adaytoremember Captain America was turned into a super-hero by an “experimental serum.” If we had one, all of our football players, boxer, runners would be taking it.
    Steroids are probably the closest we have; the help the body heal quickly (a doctor may give it to you to help an injury that is not healing) and this means that athletes can train harder and recover faster – but not to the point of being a super-hero.
    His rather neat boomerang shield is possible – rather like a frizbee – I am sure a clever technician could make something quite like that. Thor’s hammer would be rather harder; its shape does not lend itself to flying.


  2. @adaytoremember Awesome question. Only beaten by Peter’s fantastic answer. I have nothing… except that – with science, just about anything is possible! 😉


  3. The First Avenger! Wow, didn’t think I’d see a question like this when I woke up today. My short answer is YES! Absolutely.

    The thing that makes the Captain so unique is that he lives and fights within the maximum limits of human possibility. There are many parts to his story that aren’t nearly as crazy or unrealistic as some people may think, especially compared to someone like Superman.

    The Captain is said to receive his powers from a special serum which gives him things like his physical strength. There are chemicals that someone can take which will make them much faster or stronger and give them more concentration or endurance. Sometimes sporting people try and cheat to win by using these chemicals. You may have heard of this happening at the Olympics or The Tour de France. If there is a special skill or physical ability that someones needs to win, there’s probably a chemical or drug that may help them do this more than their opponents.

    Taking these chemicals is usually considered illegal, immoral and often bad for your long term health. However, people also conduct research on which foods and drinks help people perform to the maximum of human capability. If you’re a soldier, an athlete or an astronaut you have special energy requirements and probably dont have a fridge or kitchen close by. So the trick is to find the lightest, tastiest, long lasting and most compact way of delivering the perfect diet for these almost superhuman people.

    Clothing and equipment is another story again. Defence scientists already spend lots of time and money trying to find uniforms that block your heat signature, protect you from chemical and biological weapons, stop you from bleeding if you get injured, protection you from explosions and even make sure you blood keeps flowing when you’re flying a million miles an hour in a Superhornet fast jet.

    So you see, achieving the maximum limits of human possibility is not only possible, but we’re trying to grow what is possible further and further every day. These people may not wear the fancy high colour costumes or throw shields and expect them to return, but I guess if there was a need for this, we could find a way to make it happen.

    Hope this answers your question!


  4. As others have already said, we could probably get close to creating someone like Captain America himself with all the different chemicals we have at our disposal. His shield would be a bit trickier though — in the comics, it’s made of “adamantium” and “vibranium”, neither of which exist in real life (at least as the comics describe them). We could probably make it out of a very tough metal that could withstand a lot of punishment, but that would probably also make it very, very heavy. But it’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility that an engineer (someone as smart as Tony Stark?) could create some new material that works better for Cap’s shield than anything else we have now.



  1. I think The Cap would be possible sometime in the future
    But a indestructible shield might be impossible Maybe something like Jupiter core would be strong like that. Well that’s what I think anyway


  2. Best question EVER!!!!!!!