Question: Are dogs colour blind?

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  1. @chloesecker: Dogs CAN see colour, just not like us. From studying the structures in their eyes, we know they’re not completely colour blind (as in only able to see black-grey-white shades. We can be pretty confident that their range of colour vision is limited as they only have two kinds of colour-sensitive cone cells in their eyes (they have blue and yellow – we have three: red, green and blue). They can work out brightness levels just as well as us and their vision in low light or darkness is better than ours.

    There’s a great website that shows you how dogs would perceive our colour range and it even lets you upload a photo and see it as we think a dog would:


  2. Dogs are definitely Mia’s area.



  1. Cats are


    • Cats see in a range of greys, with a bit of blue and yellow – similar to dogs!