Question: Do you think that aliens are real?


  1. I like to keep an open mind so I’d say possibly, although I haven’t experienced anything to do with them or seen evidence of their existence. We may never know aliens are out there even if they are.


  2. It’s a big old place, that space. The odds are in favour of something else being out there.

    But I don’t have any evidence to show you. 🙁


  3. Unlike a lot of astronomers, I am actually very skeptical of their being other life (at least intelligent life) elsewhere in the universe. Maybe that’s just me being stubborn and reacting negatively to a lot of people saying things like, “there *has* to be life somewhere else!”
    But ultimately, the universe doesn’t particularly care what any of us *believe* about aliens; either there is life out there or there isn’t, and the best way to find the answer is to just go and look!


  4. I’m with Mia on this one. Unlike Kyler, I think the chance we are the ONLY intelligent life in just our galaxy (let alone the entire universe) is very small. It is very UN-likely there is other intelligent life in our solar system, so any other intelligent life is very far away from us and unlikely to pay us a visit; we might be able to exchange messages, though – but it takes over 4 years for a radio signal to get to our nearest star (and another four years to get back) so it would be a very slow conversation 🙂


  5. I like @Kyler’s attitude. We can wonder, wish and hope all we like but we just need to go see for ourselves.

    There are plenty of people who believe there just has to be, some of course claim they’ve already met them, but gotta keep that sceptical eye busy.

    Some are so hopeful that a large project was put together called the ‘Voyager Golden Record’ which was attached to the Voyager I and II spacecraft. On the record was recorded all the sounds of Earth hoping that perhaps someone from another world could find this and understand lots about us.

    If you want to hear the sounds of Earth that is now a on a spacecraft flying out into the universe, check out the link.