Question: What is the most common disease for a dog to get?

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  1. @blue11fudge: The most common NASTY diseases that dogs can get are the ones we routinely vaccinate against (so our dogs are protected from them and the incidence of them is lower).

    They are:

    Canine distemper
    Canine parvovirus
    Canine influenza
    Canine coronavirus
    Infectious canine hepatitis

    In terms of annoying but not deathly, kennel cough (infectious respiratory disease that causes coughing like a barking seal) is caused by Bordatella or viruses. Leptospirosis and Giardiasis pop up a bit too.

    Vaccinating and parasite control (worming, heart worming and flea control) will help reduce the chance of your dog getting these problems.



  1. thanks Mia very interesting