Question: How may dogs (as individual species) change in the future?

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  1. @lochlantaylor: This is something I think about too! It’s really up to us (people) as we’re the ones who make most of the breeding decisions for domestic dogs.

    I HOPE we’ll see a shift away from emphasis on what dogs looks like and a return on breeding for health and function (which can include companionship) – the way dogs behave with and around us people is so much more important to our health and well being than their looks. At the moment there are some breeds that have had their physical features so exaggerated (like bulldogs), they can’t even breed or birth puppies naturally – they need human intervention to mate and to deliver their puppies by caesarean section. That’s not good animal welfare or sustainable for the breed.

    What do you think? How will they change in the future?



  1. I think they probably will exist as more cosmetic creatures in the future too, although I hope that no species will have to deal with the issues that bulldogs and dachshunds live with nowadays 🙁