Question: How is it working in the army ?

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  1. Hey @iceman, cool profile pic.

    working in the Army is a great experience.
    Some days can be very busy, with crazy stuff happening until your brain nearly falls out and then other days are more relaxed. Everyone has to go out into the bush from time to time to practice basic army skills like warfighting, bushcraft and communications.

    How interesting you find it really depends on what job you try to get. Being in the army is similar to working for a large company because not everyone does the same job. My job was interesting because it was never the same. I looked after many soldiers and helped them learn new things. I had to help many people learn how to be safe from chemical and biological warfare and I had to make sure the fighting people always had enough bombs and bullets.

    The best thing is you get to make great friends and travel all over the place which is great when you’re young. I did things I could never do anywhere else and they taught me to enjoy life.