Question: can global warming increase and decrease rainfall

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  1. Yes. Global warming changes weather patterns. In extreme cases, places that have had moist winds which would give lots of rain have the winds diverted somewhere else and so become dryer; the places the winds are diverted to are likely to become wetter.


  2. Yes, we are observing differences in rainfall in a lot of places on Earth. I think some of the most drastic effects are in the mountains of central asia. The snow and ice and rain in that area eventually provide water for around 1 billion people in China and India, so if the amount of water that area gets changes a lot, there will be very severe effects!


  3. @achuei: Yes, as Peter and Kyler have already said, global warming can have varied affects around the world as it influences our climate.

    NASA have a great website that has lots of information about climate change, you might enjoy having a look: