Question: do you think the big bang theory is a good show to learn about science?


  1. My grandson loves that show. When they talk about science (which is not all that often) they try very hard to get it right. But the show is really about human relationships, and none of them are very good at human relationships; what it really says is that scientists are rather self-centered and nerdy, which is not true in general (although some of us are). I find the show quite funny (although I do not watch it very often) but do not expect to learn much science from it.


  2. A colleague of mine is the scientific consultant for the show — he is a professor of physics at UCLA. So the science that they mention is very accurate, but as Peter said, that is not really the focus of the show. Instead it focuses on the (not very accurate) portrayal of several nerdy and socially awkward scientists. Out of the hundreds of scientists I know, only a few are actually like that.


  3. @amberhassett, congratulations, you’re the first person to ask about that TV show (i thought it would have happened much earlier!).

    My honest answer is… I WISH! I love the show and while the backdrop is about science and scientists, @peters right, it is about human relationships. However, if you do enjoy science, they do highlight key aspects of science but thats about it.

    An intersting fact if you’re a fan of the character Amy Farrah Fowler, the actor is also a neuroscientist.


  4. @amberhassett: Agree with what the others have said. I do love this little clip about operant conditioning though – I use it in presentations all the time to show how we can train animals using positive reinforcement!!