Question: How does your body grow because it can't seem that your body grows with food?

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  1. That is a very interesting question. Your body is made up of millions of cells and it grows by making more.
    Most of the food you eat (especially carbohydrates) is used to make energy so you can run and jump and think. Proteins (meats and some kinds of vegetables like beans) especially are used to build new cells. This starts by making a copy of the DNA in the cell and then the cell splits in two. At first these two cells are small (together they make up about the same size as the original one cell), but they grow, and so do you.


  2. @kaitlin13: Hi! The way our bodies turn the food we eat into energy that lets us do things like running and growing is pretty amazing. Our digestion system breaks down the food and passes the nutrients into our blood stream and the blood helps pass those nutrients all around our body, letting our cells stay full of energy and keeping us active and growing.

    Sometimes, our bodies grow in spurts, or it doesn’t always seem like we’re growing. But then we find that clothes no longer fit, or we need new shoes or we can look our Mum in the eyes without looking up and then we realise – we’ve grown!