Question: How old are you? Wots your latest discovery?

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  1. I am 67 years old. Science is such fun I have no plans to retire soon.
    My latests discovery? – no, nothing earth shattering at the moment – I am just trying to improve on the way our computer processes large images.


  2. Hi @harley12,

    I’m 31 and my latest discovery was that I can make new explosive chemicals with electricity.


  3. Hey @harley12

    I’m 35.

    My latest discovery is that we think about dogs differently depending on the role they play in society (pets, police dogs, farm dogs, guide dogs, etc.) and those perceptions about dogs vary between men and women.


  4. I’m 41. My latest discovery involves being able to analyse nice smelling compounds in wine. They are called thiols, which encompasses a lot of different compounds, some of which smell aweful. The ones I’m working with smell like passionfruit and grapefruit.