Question: how to eels generate electricity

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  1. @adaytoremember, thanks for getting back to me in Ask.

    The electric eel has 3 pairs of organs that can generate electricity. They’re known as the main organ, the Hunter’s organ and the Sach’s organ. All of these together make up about 80% of the whole eel, so its like one huge swimming battery! The organs are made up of special cells known as ‘electrocytes’ which stack and line up like wires which allow electricity to flow. These eels can produce an electric shock of up to 500 volts at 1 amp, which is a lot but not enough to kill a human.

    Whats also interesting is that the Sach’s organ is can also do something called ‘electrolocation’ which send out a small current like a forcefield and it can detect if other things like predators or prey are close by.