Question: are unicorns real

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  1. @shmimshmim: No. Sadly, they are a mythical (made up) animal.

    There have been lots of ideas about where the myth started, from one-horned goats, to a rhinoceros ancestor, and narwhals and elands… check out this link for more information:


  2. Great question,

    I’ve never seen a unicorn myself and I’ve never heard of people finding the bones of an older one either. I think if someone found one, we would all know very quickly.

    The only unicorns I’ve seen before are in cartoons on Youtube and they’re a bit crazy

    Sorry 🙁


  3. Michael, of course you would not have! Don’t you know that only innocent young girls can see a unicorn 🙂
    Mythology includes lots of made-up creatures – the gryphon , the manticore, Cerberus (the three headed dog – think Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and many more. Many of them are made up by mixing bits of (often scary) animals together to make them more frightening for the sake of a good story.



  1. You can get horses with weird tumors on their heads… that can be a sorta unicorn..