Question: Can dogs understand each other?

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  1. @baileymymie8: Yep. They can and do. They are REALLY excellent at reading each other’s body language (just look at the speed in which they can ‘dance’ around each other while playing) and also communicate a lot using their excellent sense of smell (meaning there’s not so much need for noise).

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  2. If you have a couple (or more) of dogs, put your scientist brain on and watch how the dogs communicate, it can teach you things about how you can also communicate with them. They have ways to show who is incharge, and things like who is being playful or agressive. If you do this with the help of a professional (like @mia) you can learn to be the leader of your dogs, which helps them feel comfortable and relaxed.



  1. @mick i have 1 dog and 1 cat