Question: What purpose does chocolate serve to us humans? Is it at all useful to other animals?

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  1. Chocolate tastes yummy! It’s purpose is as a food.

    Dark chocolate has been shown to have some (positive) effects on circulation and blood pressure. Because of all the sugar and fat we add to cacao in making chocolate, there are loads of negative health effects (see:

    It contains something called theobromine that can be toxic to some animals (including dogs) – see more:


  2. I’m with Mia – Chocolate is an ESSENTIAL food in the diet!
    An interesting question is why certain plants put chocolate in heir seeds – as food for a new plant, but most plants do not need the foods that make chocolate so yummy. I don’t know the answer to that one, though.


  3. It has molecules in it which make people feel good. I imagine animals might feel the same, since they are known to eat things to obtain a particular effect e.g fermented fruit.


  4. It serves me as a food and happiness 🙂 If I was allowed to, I would only eat chocolate. But then I guess I wouldn’t be too healthy would I?

    Like everyone has mentioned, it can almost be as good as some medicines for some reasons. As @mia pointed out, it is quite toxic to dogs but even more toxic to cats. I always remember my parents telling me never to share with my dog. I’m sure he was sad or perhaps he always looked that way.