Question: Where does mould come from?

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  1. Spores are everywhere just waiting for the right place to grow, given the opportunity. Typically, damp environments are required but the amount of water varies depending on the fungi involved.


  2. @blue11fudge: Hi again – fun chatting today 🙂

    Moulds are types of fungus. Their spores are in the air all around us (gross, huh?!) – they form a common part of everyday “dust”. When they land on a target that’s got the right nutrients and environment for them to grow (maybe a piece of bread or an old pear), they do – then we see them!


  3. @blue11fudge, not much I can add to this one.
    Do you enjoy eating fungus? I love mushrooms, my favourite fungus, especially on pizza 😉



  1. thank you very interesting yes i love button mushrooms