Question: Why do we use technology more than paper?

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  1. Swapping one finite resource for another? Nah, seriously, would you rather gather piles of paper or carry a USB stick with the data on it? Would you rather post a letter or send an email? Speed and convenience come into it, but I find reading off a screen sucks at times and I’ll still print things to read them now and then.


  2. When I was growing up, computers were just starting to become popular.
    When lots of people could start to buy computers for their homes and workplaces, people started to say that we would never need to use paper anymore. But the only think that I’ve noticed is that computers, phones and all the technology that you’re used to just makes more work, and wastes more paper.

    Maybe saying this just makes me sound old 🙂


  3. @louiepop: At the risk of sounding old, I’d say because it exists, is convenient, available to us and it didn’t used to be (but paper was)?

    Like – why do we drive cars and not ride horses or walk everywhere?

    Or – why do we have lights in our houses instead of candles and oil lamps?

    I use very little paper now. My banking, bills, letter writing, reading, writing, etc. are all done electronically. I’ve gotten used to tracking changes or doing edits electronically in documents instead of printing out things.