Question: have any of your experiments been successful if so are you planing on helping with the vietnam/cambodian landmine clearing

  1. Hey, another great question @gannaz,

    What you think of an experiment, I think of as a project. My project to make chemicals for explosive detection probably needs about 200 experiments. So, yes, I have had many successful experiments, but as a project on just explosive detection then no, not just yet. However, I’m close 🙂

    Thats a great question on landmine clearing because its such a large issue in many parts of the World. Such an effective but enduring part to any war or civil conflict. There are many other chemists that focus their entire lives on how to clean the world of old landmines (something Australia isn’t allowed to use anymore). It great watching how peoples imagination work when you see the types of chemistry or inventions they come up with. My favourite is not from a chemist but a plant biologist. The idea was to have a genetically modified plant that will grow in areas where landmines are suspected to be, the plant changes colour when it grows on top because old landmines leak explosive chemicals! How great is that!

    So, my answer to you is unfortunately no, I’m not currently helping with the clearance of landmines and my research is not likely to best suit this, but hey… you’ve given me a great idea. Thanks 😉



  1. I am going to vietnam and there is a big problem with landmines from the vietnam war and if you’re successful you could become very rich


  2. Thats great you’re going there. I hear its an amazing place.
    Unfortunately, you’re corrent. Someone that comes up with a good way of detecting landmines might become very rich, but to me that seems wrong. You do it to save lives… and that should be for free.

    Enjoy your trip 🙂