Question: if you could invent anything what would it be?

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  1. @amberhassett Ooooohhh! Exciting! If you mean anything-anything, then I would say a simple, safe, low-cost (or free) sustainable and new renewable source of energy for the world. If you mean anything in terms of within my real world, I’d probably say a simple, safe, low-cost and non-invasive (no needles or discomfort) test for animals that would let us know if they have good or poor welfare. Like a litmus test ( for welfare. That would be so useful for scientists and people looking after animals in helping us work out the best way to care for them. For example in zoos, on farms, our pets, working dogs, etc. etc. A quick, easy, simple, objective and quantified test that came back and told us a score out of an optimal 10 for excellent (0 for awful) would be VERY useful.


  2. A cure for all cancers. So many people are affected by cancer and it would be great to find cures, especially for cancers that affect children.


  3. My first thought was a cure for cancer, because I know several people who have cancer, but David already took that one. And I would like to find a cheap clean source of energy that could be used in cars, trucks, and to provide electricity for houses, but Mia already took that one. A way to stop wars would be good, but I think that does not need an invention, just for people to start acting like they were adults!
    In my own field, I think a computer program to allow a computer to understand sentences the way we do, and make up new sentences to way we do would be great.


  4. I think that most of the conflicts in our societies right now focus on resources, so I would love to invent some way to create cheap food and/or energy so that the entire planet could take advantage of it. Something like the “replicator” in Star Trek, maybe.
    I’m not naive enough to think that would solve all the world’s problems (we’d eventually find new things to fight about), but it certainly would help a lot of people in the meantime!