Question: what is the quickest way to freeze ice and how do you do it and why does it take so long in the freezer

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  1. The quickest way to make ice from water is to find a way of sucking out all the energy from liquid water. A freezer takes so long because usually you have water in a container like a bottle. Water has a quality known as a ‘high specific heat capacity’, which just means that it holds lots more heat that the same amount of something like paint or milk, for example.

    If you want to freeze water faster in a freezer, then you need to break the amounts down to smaller containers like ice cube trays or oven dishes. 10 long thin iceypoles will freeze faster than the same amount of water in a bottle. Liquid nitrogen would turn water into ice much faster than a freezer, and spraying it into a freezer is also faster again.



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